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Inaugurated in the summer of 2006, the Interpart Production Tool Workshop represents the most important investment made by our company. All the machines acquired by Interpart Production are brand new and of the best quality, so as we can be sure that we can offer our clients the highest quality and performance. The staff operating these machines have been trained by the producing firms and most of the employees working here gained their experience in well-known companies present on the Romanian market, being recruted according to their experience and professionalism.

In order to be able to provide a complete production cycle, Interpart Production Tool Workshop implies a CAD design office, CAM projection department and the production section, equipped with new imported equipments, in general from Germany or Japan.

CAD/CAM moldmaking

tool workshop


1  CAD/CAM Design

CAD/CAM designCAD/CAM designCAD/CAM design

Within any injection procedure, several processes are necessary to obtain a qualitative product: product design, mould design and the production process for the moulding injection. With our specialists from the technical department, Interpart Production can offer its clients a complete system of project management, as long as we can provide an entire technological chain: product conception, design and mould construction, plastic injection, decoration, painting or tampo-printing, and assembling the pieces in sub-assemblies.

Thus, the first process is mould design, process that we can assure in our own department, with our specialists who gained their pro status in projection offices within several multinational companies, present on the western Romanian market. For mould design we use CATIA V5 software.

Afterwards, the mould project is transferred to CAM projection office. The CNC machines are programmed using CIMATRON, directed by our engineers.

2  Tool Workshop

tool workshoptool workshoptool workshoptool workshop

The biggest investment of Interpart Production went to the Tool Workshop, where we acquired several CNC machines, produced by well-known companies in this industry worldwide.

CNC Machining Centers

hurco vmx42
Gallery: hurco vmx42 hurco vmx42 hurco vmx42 hurco vmx42 hurco vmx42 hurco vmx42

Hurco VMX42

  • Travel axis :
    1060X610X610 mm
  • Rotations:
    10 000 rot./min.,
  • Tool storehouse:
    24 positions
Hurco VMX 24s
Gallery: Hurco VMX 24s DHurco VMX 24s DHurco VMX 24s DHurco VMX 24s

Hurco VMX 24s

  • Travel axis :
    610X510X610 mm
  • Rotations:
    15 000 rot./min.,
  • Tool storehouse:
    24 positions
deckel dmc 635 vmc
Gallery: Deckel DMC 635 VMC Deckel DMC 635 VMC Deckel DMC 635 VMC Deckel DMC 635 VMC

Deckel DMC 635 VMC

  • Travel axis :
    635X510X460 mm
  • Rotations:
    8 000 rot./min.,
  • Tool storehouse:
    24 positions
Gallery: AZK HVT D-442 AZK HVT D-442 AZK HVT D-442


  • Travel axis :
    400X400X200 mm
  • Rotations:
    25 000 rot./min.,
  • Tool storehouse:
    8 positions

Electrical Discharge Machines

mitsubishi ea12d
Gallery: mitsubishi ea12d mitsubishi ea12d mitsubishi ea12d

Mitsubishi EA12D

  • Travel axis :
    400x300x300 mm
  • Tool storehouse:
    4 positions
mitsubishi fa20
Gallery: mitsubishi fa20 mitsubishi fa20 mitsubishi fa20 mitsubishi fa20

Mitsubishi FA20-S

  • Travel axis :
    500x350x300 mm

mitsubishi ed24
Gallery: mitsubishi ed24 mitsubishi ed24

Mitsubishi ED24

  • drills holes with diameters between 0,3-3mm

ona db 300
Gallery: ona db 300 ona db 300 ona db 300 ona db 300

ONA DB 300

  • Travel axis: 400X300X300 mm
  • Tool storehouse:
    5 positions

ona nx4
Gallery : ona db 300 ona db 300

Electrical Discharge Machine

  • Travel axis:
    600x400x500 mm
  • Tool storehouse:
    24 positions

Grinding Machines

saielo kent
Gallery: mitsubishi ea12d mitsubishi ea12d mitsubishi ea12d

Grinding Machine

  • for rectifying pieces with travel axis of 600X300X540 mm.

okamoto gu 2050
Gallery: okamoto gu 2050 okamoto gu 2050

Okamoto GU 20-50 H
Cylindrical Grinding Machine (exterior and interior)

  • maximum external grinding diameter:
    200 mm
  • length – 500 mm.

Additional Equipment

eli macchine
Gallery: mitsubishi ea12d mitsubishi ea12d

Classic Milling Machine

  • for processing pieces with travel axis of 600X250X250 mm

Gallery: reis

REISEN Spotting Presse

  • closing force of 40 tons.

Gallery: Wenzel Wenzel Wenzel Wenzel Wenzel

WENZEL LH 1010 3D coordinate measuring machine

  • travel axis 1000x1200x1000 mm.

The Lathe allows processing pieces with maximum diameter of 200 mm and 800 mm of length.

HELTOS Drilling Machine - for holes with maximum diameter of 32 mm.

Besides these machines, we also have cutting tools and accessories that assure us performance and high quality: one device for presetting the tools in the exterieur of the KELCH machineries, EROWA devices for electroerosion, JOKE tools and accessories for polishing.

All the equipments we hold in Interpart Production tool workshop are imported from Germany, year of production 2006-2012. Our staff from the tool workshop has more than 15 years of experience in mould execution, experience gained in important companies in this field. The employees responsible for using these machines are periodically schooled at the most important manufacturing companies in Germany. Also strating with 2012, we have begun the improvement of the staff through applying Lean Management, 5S and 6 Sigma tools, most of the staff participating to specialized trainings.

3  Moulds

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