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The decoration processes we can provide within Interpart Production are painting, drying and tampoprinting, assuring thus as many requests of our clients’ as we can.



Plastic pieces of dimensions from a few centimeters to almost a metre can be painted with our new 5658 Walther Pilot German painting cabins

We dispose of two Walther Pilot Wet Wall Spray Booth Type 5658 painting cabins.

Walther Pilot Wet Wall Spray Booth Type 5658 painting cabin

Walther Pilot Spray Booth
Gallery: Walther Pilot Spray Booth Walther Pilot Spray Booth
  • The steel painting cabins with water screen have as work principle the aspiration of excessive paint with the aspiration system, while the water screen that is recirculated within the cabin is being used for reasons of purifying the area of particles, dust and fuzzes.
  • The water inside the cabins is being recirculated with a pump driven by an electrical engine.
  • Year of production: 2004.

We also dispose of Sata manually painting pistols that can ensure a regular and safe cover in this extremely sensitive process.



Having been decorated, the plastic pieces are dryed in a Heimer HUT 013 dryer that can be used both for solvent and water dyes. The Heimer dryer can dry pieces up to 160 Celsius degrees.

Heimer HUT 013 dryer

heimer HUT 013
Gallery: heimer HUT 013 heimer HUT 013 heimer HUT 013 heimer HUT 013



Tampo-printing is unlikely to be replaced by any other quality multicolour printing system for many years to come.

Consequently, Interpart Production has purchased Tampoprint Sealed Ink Cup 90 tampo-printing machines which ensure great flexibility and first class self-coloured printing.

TAMPOPRINT Sealed Ink Cup 90 tampo-printing machine

tampoprint cup 90
Gallery: tampoprint cup 90 tampoprint cup 90
  • Maximum length of tampoprinting – 80 mm
  • Year of production – 2004

With this tampoprinting machine we can provide a greater flexibility and a monochrome print of a very high quality.

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