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Ideas take us to success. Banuinvest

After the success of the companies JOE and Artima, in 2001 Florentin Banu and Daniel Banu founded Banuinvest and the main activity was the investment in real estate and the administration of the properties already in its portfolio. In the mean time, the opportunities offered by each key sector of an economy in transformation, as the Romanian one is, had been annalysed, and new investments had been made.

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Thus, Banuinvest is carrying now several important investments, in fields like real estate, by the firm specialised on the residential sector – Banu Construct, and in the area of sport and wellness services - Banu Sport Sporthall, that is rather unique in the western side of the country regarding the offer and the quality of services.

East-European Company. German Know-How, Technology and Quality

In 2004, Banuinvest together with the Investment Fund SEAF –American company specialised in investments on markets that need capital - founded Interpart Production, plant specialised in the technology of moulding injection, painting and plastic decoration, as well as the assembling in sub-assemblies.

The company activity started in the autumn of that year, with a contract signed with a German manufacturer of ecological vacuum cleaners, Interpart assuring the assembling of the sub-assemblies and the manually painting of the pieces. At the beginning of the following year, another project was started, the decoration of gas cooker buttons for an important company of home appliances in Germany. In the same year, Florentin Banu is the main shareholder at KRP Engineering company, located in Germany, a firm skilled in mould construction, development and projection. And another contract follows, for production and decoration of a component in the interieur of a well-known car model from Sweden.

Interpart ProductionInterpart ProductionInterpart Production

The first year of activity was thus over, year in which the base and the foundation of the company and its team were set, with whom it developed furtherly, as we are convinced that success can only be reached by permanent development of each member of our team and each sector of activity.

Next year, another department was founded, the Tool Workshop, equipped with brand new devices, machines and equipments, a total investment of more than 1.5 million euro. With this new investment, Interpart can offer its clients a complete cycle of production, from product conception, mould construction for injection, plastic injection, product decoration by painting or tampo-printing, up to assembling.

All these technological processes are performed exclusively by the latest technology.

The investment followed, until exceeded the amount of 5 million Euros invested, in the tool workshop, which capacity increased gradually up to 40-50 new tools per year in 2012, but also in the injection molding department, through successive purchasing of injection machines, from 50 tons up to 300 tons, clamping force, totalizing 17 injection molding machines in 2014 and having planned other investments in plastic injection molding machines and industrial robots for their service, 3-4 machines every year until reaching a total of 30 - 40 plastic injection molding machines, with clamping forces in the range of 50 to 600 - 800 tons, latest until the end of 2017.

In this direction, in 2012 Interpart Production made the first steps for realizing the anterior mentioned goals, through the relocation of the production, respectively the headquarter of the company, from the hall from Dumbravita, which had a surface of about 1800 square meters, to the new location from Utvin, in a brand new production hall, with a total surface of around 6.000 square meters, including the offices, this relocation untrammeled us to increase our turnover with more than 100% in 2013, at 5,2Million Euro, in report with a mean value of around 2.45 million Euro, yearly turnover realized in the past years (2007 – 2011), summing, together with the other companies from the group Banuinvest, respectively with the Interpart Production’s sister company from Germany - KRP Engineering, a total turnover of almost 6,5 Million Euro in 2013, and budgeting, based on the received customers yearly forecasts and new customers developing plan, a yearly turnover of almost 6,2 Million Euro in 2014, 7,5 Million Euro in 2015, 9 Million Euro in 2016 and 10 Million Euro in 2017, for Interpart Production.

Satisfied customers with the quality and lead time of the products

This is the mission which we assumed, because we are convinced that our main advantage, through which we distinguish on the market in a professional and flexible manner with which we treat each client and each project.

Interpart Production intends to become a successful organisation by carrying on important projects in technical and automotive industry, with the proper benefits, to set valuable and lasting business relations, as well as good work relations that enables us to act as a team.

And the team of Interpart Production is made of proffesional and reliable members for whom the success of the company is their own success. The employees of Interpart Production are totally devoted to the mission we assumed, completely faithful, proficient and always oriented to gain our clients’ contentment.

Our proffesionalism results from our approach to each client and project, our strong belief that every project should be finalised at the uppermost quality standard, the way we hand on the value, while the permanent orientation to gain our clients’ satisfaction give us the guarantee of our proffessional attitude.

The main goal of our activity in the company is to become a real alternative for Western European producers. Interpart Production can be an option for the European industry by reasons of costs, brand new German technology and, especially, the quality that can be delivered to its clients.

Our partners, the latest technology and equipments, as well as the team which proved to have success make that the main goal for Interpart Production to be “Satisfied clients of the quality and the delivery time of the products!”.

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